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We are a grass root organization dedicated to provide insights into the 2021 Somali election, also known as selection and use this flawed process to prepare the Somali youth for the emerging of a full fledged democracy in Somalia and highlight what role different segments of the population can play to bring about this change.

Somali citizens are yearning for the day that they will be allowed to elect their leaders, instead of allowing their fates to be determined by clan elders and the political elite.

SomaliPolls is an initiative to create awareness among the young Somali citizens on how they can (re)gain their constitutional rights and directly vote for their representatives.


KenyaPolls App Summary Report on Kenya Election 2022

 Final Results can be found on https://forms.iebc.or.ke/ https://elections.nation.africa/ App Download Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bigdata.kenyapolls

Somalia Electoral bodies: continued internal fight

The electoral process in Somalia is peculiar and complex. For a start, it is Selection process and citizens are not directly participating in the process. As the reconfigured Federal Electoral Implementation Team (FEIT) has re-elected its chairperson, insiders are expecting the FEIT to collide head-on with the by PM Rooble appointed Technical Election Support Team … Continue reading Somalia Electoral bodies: continued internal fight

The fight for seat HOP#069: Merit vs Money

The incumbent MP for this seat, Abdirahman Mohamed Hussein Odawaa is facing strong competition from contester Abdirahman Yusuf AL-ADALA. Odawaa has served the country as FGS Minister of Interior and Federal Affairs of Somalia. Odawaa was appointed on 27 January 2015 by the then Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke and is a close friend … Continue reading The fight for seat HOP#069: Merit vs Money

A confidence boost: The forthcoming elections in Somalia

The May 27 Agreement between Somalia’s national and Federal Member State leaders have boosted the confidence aspirant MPs and Presidential candidates have in a possible parliamentary and presidential elections taking place in Somalia, in the foreseeable future and on the basis of the September 17, 2020. As result of this, SomaliPolls is experiencing surge in … Continue reading A confidence boost: The forthcoming elections in Somalia


HOP#069-Galmudug,Galgaduud-Kalkayo-Saleebaan, Habar Gidir,Hawiye-$475000 Live

  • Abdirahman Mohamed Hussein Odawaa (Incumbent MP)
    72% 260 / 357
  • Abdirahman Yusuf AL-ADALA
    27% 97 / 357

HOP#124-Jubaland,Gedo-Kismayo-Sheekhaal,Hawiye-$145000 Live

  • Abdirahman Kulmiye Hersi (Incumbent MP)
    26% 92 / 351
  • Abdiqani Dahir Omar
    73% 259 / 351

HOP#147-Galmudug,Galgaduud-Dhusamareb-Beel Woqooyi, Ayr, Habar Gidir,Hawiye-$350000 Live

  • Mahad Mohamed Salad (Incumbent MP)
    49% 298 / 601
  • Ali Abdi Wardhere ALI YARE
    35% 211 / 601
  • Abdulaziz Abdi Ashkir
    2% 17 / 601
  • Abdiaziz Nour Abi
    6% 39 / 601
  • Abdinasir Gelle Elmi
    1% 11 / 601
  • Omar Adan Roble
    4% 25 / 601

HOP#146-Hirshabelle,Middle Shabelle-Jowhar-Agoonyar, Harti Abgaal, Abgaal,Hawiye-$195000 Live

  • Abdullahi Mohamed Nor (Incumbent MP)
    63% 192 / 304
  • Abdullahi Mahdi Hussein
    37% 113 / 304